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Artist that T.U.R.N Radio thinks we can promote & work with. For a average of about $2.60 a day that's if we only spin you once a day if we do more it's less daily if we think we can promote you & your music that's about how much worldwide exposure here daily comes out to every additional play cuts it in half you could end up paying less than $1 daily depending on how many times we spin your music. Also we no longer use fb to do business to interact with us go here only now use the email here turnradio.net only to reach us. Also for businesses wanting to promote with us it's a different rate for business but we also do that too ask about our 1 time introductory offer for your businesses of your 1st year with us 1/2 off our lowest rate to get you started pay less than $2,000 for 1 full year of business advertising your 1st year with us only. All here only now turnradio.net now 1 of the Hottest stations out. We can't pick up just any artist we have to really believe in your music to consider you. Also see about us promoting your events

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