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We have a plan. & who wants to enjoy great music & Live performances by many many Mainstream & upcoming entertainers in several cities while at the same time helping us raise funds for several changes in those cities. Well we have put a winning team together to do just that. Sylvia Dunnavant Hines & her Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, Charles Hardy of Sonny Bivins Manhattans, Terry Reece of REECE ENTERPRISES & Darryl Master D Coleman of T.U.R.N Radio Chicago. Have all partnered up on upcoming concert tour series to donate in the cities we go to to Charles such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Public Schools , Homelessness & more we are here to help make a difference In our communities across the U.S. So our cause is to help make a difference were we go for those in need while helping with this pandemic give some relief. The shows are scheduled to start the summer of 2022 if not earlier. We have about 30 or 40 groups & solo performers that we promote on T.U.R.N Radio we're now considering for opening acts & as headliners for (The Old School Throwback Block Party Concert Tour) series we're in talks now with several cities. You can get more info & details here only turnradio.net not & reach us directly. Fb you can't get more info only our website can you directly reach me for more details or contact on fb any of the partners mentioned above. Now who wants some of this Smoke lol.

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