Who wants worldwide exposure

Just so you know if your a artist looking for worldwide exposure on what's 1 of the hottest radio stations anywhere. If the station is feeling your music for as little as $2.60 daily for 3 months airplay you might be able to get that worldwide exposure on T.U.R.N Radio. No we can't pick up every artist out here we only pick up artist who's music we really believe has a chance to be special so a lot of artist even after offering to pay the fee we have turned down because we can't promote anyone just for the funds we promote those artist because we believe in their music. Those artist we do pick up might have a chance to perform on our upcoming tour (The Old School Block Party Tour) Coming in 2022 if not earlier. Only artist in T.U.R.N Radio's rotation doing well will be considered since i am a partner in this tour i will suggest artist we promote that are doing well. Also we only accept music submissions thru Skype no exceptions. Now playing. We're Everywhere join us. The Heavy Hitters of T.U.R.N Radio. Broadcasting now 15 years & Live from ATL, Chicago, D.C, Harvey Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana & Ohio we might represent your city also turnradiolive365 or turnradio.net The TurnUp Crew of T.U.R.N Radio Chicago. Live Weds-Sundays Worldwide 24/7 free

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