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Never married, engaged or committed. & they say lmao man can't live by bread alone. Hum !!!!! I've done it my whole life. It's what happens when you become a workaholic & that's all you've ever done. & ROTFL man can live by bread alone just eat more of it. Like Irene Johnson said u could never commit because I'm so committed to my job here & never have time for anything more the way I work 20 hrs 7 days every week without a day off. The trivia questions for cash coming soon only on T.U.R.N Radio & you can't win using fb you must sign in here to have a chance to win. Also in the near future you can win other promotions including all expenses paid dinners, concert tickers wevwill give away & more. But you can only win ad a signed in member of our websites not thru fb.

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