Yes we charge a fee to promote.

A artist inquiring about airplay just asked . Do you tell your listeners you charge artist for airplay. Lol at 1st I said that's something I don't have to mention publicly. Then it hit me he's obviously pissed & looking fir something negative to say about us now. That he realizes he's not gonna get picked up by us. Sobi tell him our top priority is our listeners & ratings not his money. Because honestly over %90 of artist even offering to pay our fees get turned down. Because we don't believe in their product enough to promote them. We pick up artist only that we believe have a chance to be Special in the industry no one else weather yiur offering to pay us or not. A lot of stations our here are taking artist money just because artist want airplay so badly. T.U.R.N Radio will not take you on to promote unless we absolutely believe in you have what it takes to do Special things musically. & we don't need your money. The fee we charge is to offset the loss of income we take everytime we pick a new artist up. By that I mean we run commercial ads at a cost fir businesses. Every artist we pick up means less commercials for businesses we can run. Because we have to use slots we normally run paid ads in to fill artist songs in instead. So if we're not running commercials to play artist music to not rake total losses we chargevfor our airplay yes. & what we charge artist we still take a loss because we charge artist way less than a businesses just trying to help them get a foot in the door exposure wise. & when we pick artist up we do way more than they pay for promoting them. We actually work promoting our artist in several cities. Do we do all of this & loss income to help artist free of course not. The it hit me before he could go post anything negative tes u do our to our listeners we charge artist to get exposure here if we like them enough to promote. & it's posted on my page a rate post for artist & businesses is the 1st thing you see about us i like clarity not confusion. Artist have to understand this is businesses we rUse funds to stay in business. We can't help or provide a service if we go out of business trying to help artist for free who's that gonna help. So if you seriously want to talk. We charge as little as $2,60 a Day for worldwide exposure any artist that thinks that's not worth investing that to help your career & bs heard worldwide isn't serious about your career. How's that working out for you. You can have the hottest music in the world but if no one ever hears it what good has it done you. Hees we wish even all the artist we chose not to promote the bear still T.U.R.N Radio has to pay to be on the air its not free guys. So no we can't provide free service we provide music worldwide free 24/7 that's more than enough

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