You just don't understand

I'm always being asked the way & hrs you work when do you ever sleep. I don't sleep i take cat naps. A hr here 3 there i get now for over 10 years & counting on average no more than 4 hrs i sleep a day another reason its so hard catching me I'm a workaholic I'm going all day & night. Currently I'm working on 5 different projects at once. & just 2 days ago was asked to get involved with a 6th which I agreed to take on. I've gotten to the point my body clock won't even shut down longer than 4 hrs sometime it won't even do that I lay there resting but I can't sleep. So I get up & go to work. Someone said your literally if you don't start resting going to work yourself to death. My response was well if it happens then 1 thing for sure I'll get all the rest I ever need & more then. Until that happens I'm all in all the time that's just me. My grind is not only real it's very deep & dedicated. You can tell by the lol bags under my eyes I don't sleep. On average i work 20 hrs 7 days a week. Another reason it's so hard catching me & i say the fastest easiest way to directly interact with me is either here using that email or chatroom. On fb I'm very limited what I can or can't do & who I can & can't interact with & I have absolutely no control over this issue. I work tirelessly all work absolutely no play all the time. Find this hard to believe ask anyone who really knows me or award winning book author Mae Greene it's 1 of the reasons she's on me lol about doing my book because I been like this my whole life. I just keep going & going & going. The book would just be another project.

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