You pick who's going on Tour

Everyone's been seeing my post about our upcoming (Old School Throwback block Party Tour) Concert series. Featuring Sonny Bivins Manhattans & about 20 or 30 Old School groups & solo artist & a few upcoming artist as opening acts. This will start in 2022 @ outside venues in several cities. So since we been broadcasting now worldwide 24/7 free here & we have so many listeners & followers as a way of saying thanks for that support. This 1 i am gonna let our listeners decide in all fairness to our great DJs. I have to pick 3 of our DJs to take on tour with us. They are all so good that's a hard call so between here & next summer you our listeners can vote on our website for the 3 i will pick. Let me know if you we're going to our concerts which 3 DJs here you would like to hear perform before & during the shows breaks between the artist performances. I don't want our crew feeling there was favorites picked. So we're gonna let the listeners vote in our website on who i should pick. you can email the station with your picks please pick 3 of these 6 to go with me. & again thanks for your support. Now our listeners in thanks for your support will be who picks the tour DJs & Thanks

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