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Broadcasting 24/7 & free Worldwide with DJs from ATL, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Harvey Illinois, North & South Carolina; Virginia our Heavy Hitters & guest DJs from many other cites with great music, interviews & advertisements & much more. So tell friends and family T.U.R.N Radio is (Your T.U.R.N around the World) & Happy 16th Anniversary TurnUp Crew for a grew job of entertaining our listeners and followers. We're also still working currently on our series of upcoming concerts Featuring Sonny Bivins Manhattans & The TurnUp Crew of T.U.R.N Radio performing together with many many Mainstream artists and groups ( The Old School Throwback Tour). This tour will also consider artist in T.U.R.N Radio's rotations who's music is doing well as opening acts or to perform. Not every artist in rotation will be considered only those doing really well in our rotations will be talked to. Also here's my concert tour partners Sylvia Dunnavant Hines of Celebrating Life Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, Pat Melfi of Muzart World Foundation; Charles Hardy of Sonny Bivins Manhattans & my myself Darryl Master D Coleman are in partnership to put this tour together. The tour is a fund raising tour to make donations in the cities we hit to charities & causes in need in those communities that we find such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Homelessness and Public Schools & more. We plan to raise funds in our communities to help the people where we see a need. So buy supporting T.U.R.N Radio your supporting our efforts to help make a difference in our communities at the same time bringing great entertainment to your communities. Here's 1 example of 1 lineup we're discussing putting together for a show in Dallas Texas fir Sylvia Dunnavant Hines Celebrating Life Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation there. Who would like shows like for instance The Legendary Ladies of Skyy, Sonny Bivins Manhattans, Klymaxx Featuring Cheryl Cooley & say Peaches and Herb with a upcoming artist or group from T.U.R.N radio preferably from that area to open. This is the type of entertainment we're talking about bringing to a college campus or venue in your area. So promoters & venue owners interested can contact me here by either email or using our chatroom here please share this your support will help us help others

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